Updates To Google My Business – May 2018

Google My Business is a listing you create for your business which helps your practice show up in Google Maps and in searches. If you haven’t claimed your listing, definitely do that today.

GMB has been updated and some of the new features include:

  • Posts
  • Questions & Answers
  • Services
  • Business Description
  • and more

Here are screenshots and tips to update your business description and services section in GMB.

Business Description In Google My Business

screenshot-GMB business desription

This is exciting! GMB had business descriptions in the past, then took them away, and now they are back! This box of text is a chance to expand your online presence and draw in more customers using Google – the #1 search engine in the world.  Follow these tips when creating your business description.

  • You have 750 characters. Use them well.
  • Read the guideline and follow it to have Google approve your entry.
  • Don’t be spammy or include discounts or sales – this all goes against the guideline and you won’t get approved.
  • Draw people in with your story – who you are, what you offer, where you are located, why you do what you do and why they should call you.
  • No URL’s allowed.  A phone number or email is ok.
  • Avoid ALL CAPS.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Speak like a human to make a connection.

Putting the tips in action, here are two sample business descriptions for fictional offices.

Example 1: Dr. Jason Smith’s children’s dentistry office is located at 222 King Street, beside Toyland in Anytown ON. Dr. Smith has been practising dentistry since 2001, specializing in paediatric dentistry since day one. The office is designed and decorated to delight your little ones and help them feel safe and comfortable here. Take a peek at our adorable office photos and call to schedule your child’s visit.  We all look forward to meeting you soon! (123) 456-7890

Example 2: Manual Osteopath Mary Jones specializes in arthritis treatment and joint pain relief.  The treatment clinic is at 141 Pine Street in Antyown ON, and offers free parking and wheelchair accessibility. Mary pursued osteopathy after watching her mother suffer with arthritis from too young an age.  Now, Mary helps sufferers find relief through osteopathic and cold laser treatment for joint pain and inflammation. Visits are just 30-60 minutes long and most patients find relief in 2-8 visits. Early morning and evening appointments are available.  Please call the clinic today to learn more and make an appointment.  (123) 456-7890

Now, take a few minutes to create your description and post it. It may take up to 3 days for Google to approve your edits.  Don’t be alarmed if your changes aren’t instant.

Services in Google My Business

Screen Shot GMB services

This is another exciting change!  Searchers can see your services and prices in search and map results. You can immediately display what you offer and attract more calls and clicks, so be sure to fill out this section.

This section allows you to add:

  • Service Sections (think of them like categories)
  • Services
  • Service Prices
  • Service Descriptions

Example for a dentist:  You can have a service section titled Dentistry and list services such as preventative care, checkups and restorative care.The tricky part for dentists will be listing the fees, as they vary case by case.  Try adding the fee in the Ontario Fee Guide in the service price section and then adding a note in the description of each item to demonstrate that prices start from $XX.  Add more section and service ideas that will entice new patients to call or click. For example, you can include a Cosmetic Dentistry section with tooth whitening, tooth replacement, tooth reshaping, gum reshaping services.  Try an Orthodontics section and list children’s orthodontics, dental braces, Invisalign.

Example for an osteopath:  You can add Osteopathy as a section and then under the services, add initial assessment, 30 minute appointment and 60 minute appointment. If you offer additional adjunctive services such as shockwave or LILT laser, create a separate section for them and list them similarly.

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