Elevate your dental practice with a mission statement – begin with your BIG why!

Hey, practice owners – do you have a mission statement?

Does your team know what it is?

Is it tied into your processes?

Your mission statement is your big why – and it gives you and your team clarity and focus.

When you begin with a clear why, every step along the hilly, rocky, twisting path to success is easier to navigate.

Video Transcription:

Hey, I’m Zoe, The Practice Geek and I have a question for you practice owners – do you have a mission statement? I’ve met so many practice owners that don’t have a mission statement. It’s just not something that they feel is required and something that sort of belongs to the corporate world.

But the thing is, a mission statement is your big why, the reason that you started your own practice. You could stayed as an associate but you didn’t. Why? What are you looking to achieve? What’s the level of service that you want to deliver, or what’s the differentiating factor that you want to cultivate to separate yourself from the dentist that’s on this side of you, and that side of you, and kitty-corner across the street, and directly across the street in front of you… because there’s a lot of dental offices out there.

So when you develop a mission statement you develop a shared vision that you can communicate to your entire team, and that shared vision is your compass. You basically have it as a set of guiding principles and you can use it anytime a big decision comes up, or if there’s something in discussion or on the table across the team you can refer to your mission statement and look and see what what’s being discussed right now? If we choose to proceed or if we pass on this opportunity or option does it bring us closer to or further away from our mission statement? Our big shared vision.

You can also use a mission statement sort of as your overarching high-level goals and/or goal and so what you can do from there is start tying in the day-to-day stuff into that overarching shared vision. So your policies and procedures, maybe the language that you use in the office when you’re speaking with patients, the way that you thank people for referrals, the way that you market or advertise – you definitely want to tie in your HR performance reviews into your mission statement because you want to look for ways to bake this into your office culture.

And so by tying HR performance reviews into your big mission statement you let every employee know what you’re trying to accomplish, what are sort of the expectations in your office, and they will thrive and strive to achieve that for you.

So if you don’t have a mission statement I would ask you to reconsider why and maybe put some time into creating a shared vision or a mission statement at your next team meeting.

If this feels really weird for you or just so far outside your comfort zone, or at the bottom of the list of your priorities because you might have other practice problems that definitely need to be dealt with first, feel free to reach out to me. I am Zoe. I am The Practice Geek. I absolutely love helping dental team go from good to great, and I’d be happy to help you out as well. You can learn more about my services at www.thepractice geek.com Thanks so much for listening in, don’t forget to make your mission statement for your practice, and have a super fantastic awesome day!